Automate and Integrate the Building Process

Reduce errors and costs by automating and integrating the home building process.

3D render of a home

We Improve the Home Builders Experience Using Technology

Tired of having to update renders every time your drafter changes things? Are you taking weeks to develop an accurate estimate for your clients?

We are a team of IT professionals that have combined our expertise to build and integrate tools that tie the entire building experience together.

Bring Drafting to Life for Your Customers

Virtual Walkthroughs

Let your clients experience their home before its even built. Show your clients a first person view, a cross section or floorplan all to scale based on the drafters work.

See All The Details

Your 3D home is tied directly to the Building Information model. Select any part of your home to see the details.

Always Up to Date

With a click of a button all of the changes you make in Revit is brought directly to your 3D model.

Illustration of a computer with documents going into it

Get Accurate Estimates In One Click

Is your team taking weeks to produce estimates? With our tools, we take the BIM information and can produce accurate estimates within minutes. Now your model is tied directly to your estimates.

Keep Your Projects On Track

Stop tracking your projects in a long email thread. Stay stress-free with our scheduling and communication tools. Every step of the project is tracked and you can see the live progress of the home build. The project gets delayed due to one task? The schedule will auto update the deadline based on your current progress.

Illustration of a person looking at a electronic chart

Home Builder Innovation Using Technology

Perimeter9 is an innovative technology company partnering with home builders to build custom software solutions. Our multi-faceted team of IT professionals all combine their expertise and experience to provide unrivalled home building industry expertise with IT consulting services.

Perimeter9 promotes out of the box thinking as reflected by our name and logo. They are derived from the 9 dots puzzle which was often used to represent out of the box thinking by requiring the use of 4 straight lines to solve a puzzle composed of 9 dots in a 3 by 3 grid, without lifting the pencil (or pen) between lines.

Automate Your Home Building Workflow

Ready to reduce cost and errors? It’s time to bring the power of technology into your workflow. Let’s chat about how our team can build a solution for your company.

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